Photo of Fairnia

Vancouver School Board Trustee Candidate

Farrokhi (last person on the ballot) is a Vancouverite and a web developer who aspires to run for Vancouver School Board, in order to advocate for an area that she is deeply passionate about: technology. BC’s New Curriculum is focused on teaching students the skills they need in order to succeed in their future careers and has emphasized the importance of technology in supporting this endeavour. There is no one running for Vancouver School Board with a focus on technology, given that BC is starting to make such a strong push towards technology, this is a big mistake.

Priority 1: Teach kids coding and technology

There was a time when people could get away without knowing how to read or write in their native language; today, people can get away without knowing how to read or write a computer programming language. However, in the future this will most likely no longer be the case.

BC’s New Curriculum has done an excellent job of recognizing that we are living in a technology-rich world and that technology has had – and will continue to have - a great impact on an incredibly wide range of industries. The number of careers that now require some technological knowledge is astronomical, and this number keeps growing; it is our responsibility to ensure Vancouver’s students are prepared for this.

Priority 2: Give teachers the resources to teach tech

In order to be successful at teaching our children how to write code we need to make sure our teachers are being supported, particularly elementary school teachers.

Her goal is to demystify coding to elementary teachers who are generally intimidated by it. For example, she would like to strike up a Teach Kids Coding Committee consisting of teachers where we can begin discussions around education, integration, implementation. Through this working group, they can introduce different fun and easy games, websites, and apps as well as lesson plans to gage and build teachers’ confidence on the basics of coding. She also believes it’s important to work with high school teachers, to see how they can be supported, as well as to see how they are teaching coding, in order to better prepare students in elementary school for what they will experience in high school.

Priority 3: Smart classrooms

If elected, Fairnia will commit to lobbying the province for more funding towards computers and iPads. She will also encourage the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver City Council to submit an application for the second intake (this intake is currently) of the Smart Cities Challenge, focusing on creating and building smart schools and classrooms.

Why is she running for a seat on the Vancouver School Board?

The VSB has come out with a report called Strategic Plan 2021 which has set necessary goals to provide an innovative, caring and responsive learning environment. Her initiatives would help the VSB achieve the goals set in Strategic Plan 2021 report.

Providing elementary teachers with resources that introduce coding concepts into the classroom would help VSB reach Goal 1 of the Strategic Plan 2021 report: